JRC Working Papers in Economics and Finance, Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2024European SMEs' exposures to ecosystems and natural hazards: A first explorationFatica, Serena; Grammatikopoulou, Ioanna; Hirschbühl, Dominik; La Notte, Alessandra; Pisani, Domenico
2024Towards a framework for a new research ecosystemSavona, Roberto; Alberini, Cristina Maria; Alessi, Lucia; Baussano, Iacopo; Dellaportas, Petros; Guerra, Ranieri; Khozin, Sean; Modena, Andrea; Pecorelli, Sergio; Rasi, Guido; Siviero, Paolo Daniele; Stein, Roger M.
2023Taxonomy-alignment and transition risk: A country-level approachAlessi, Lucia; Battiston, Stefano
2023Trade networks and natural disasters: Diversion, not destructionGigout, Timothee; London, Mélina
2023Information frictions and the two margins of trade: Evidence from Slovenian manufacturingZaurino, Elena; Polanec, Saéso
2023Local Banks and flood risk: The case of GermanyBellia, Mario; Di Girolamo, Erica Francesca; Pagano, Andrea; Papadopoulos, Georgios
2023Two approaches to saving the economy: Micro-level effects of Covid-19 lockdowns in ItalyCseres-Gergely, Zsombor; Kecht, Valentin; Le Blanc, Julia; Onorante, Luca
2023Comparing the immigrant-native pay gap: A novel evidence from home and host countriesCupák, Andrej; Ciaian, Pavel; Kancs, D'Artis
2023Does green transition promote green innovation and technological acquisitions?Bose, Udichibarna; Gregori, Wildmer Daniel; Martinez Cillero, Maria
2023Bank profitability and central bank digital currencyBellia, Mario; Calès, Ludovic
2023Flood protection gap: Evidence for public finances and insurance premiumsBellia, Mario; Di Girolamo, Francesca Erica; Pagano, Andrea; Petracco Giudici, Marco
2023Applying the SCAN methodology to the semiconductor supply chainBonnet, Paolo; Ciani, Andrea
2023The vulnerability aspect of happiness: The European middle class perspectiveBenczúr, Péter; Kvedaras, Virmantas
2023Flooded credit markets: Physical climate risk and small business lendingBarbaglia, Luca; Fatica, Serena; Rho, Caterina
2023Loan pricing and biodiversity exposure: Nature-related spillovers to the financial sectorBecker, Annette; Di Girolamo, Francesca Erica; Rho, Caterina
2023External assurance of carbon disclosures indicates possible underestimates in reported European corporate emissions dataPapadopoulos, Georgios
2022The impact of climate transition risks on financial stability: A systemic risk approachOjea-Ferreiro, Javier; Reboredo, Juan Carlos; Ugolini, Andrea
2022Accounting for climate transition risk in banks' capital requirementsAlessi, Lucia; Di Girolamo, Erica Francesca; Pagano, Andrea; Petracco Giudici, Marco
2022Loneliness and health of older adults: The role of cultural heritage and relationship qualityCasabianca, Elizabeth J.; Kovacic, Matija
2022The role of employment protection legislation regimes in shaping the impact of job disruption on older workers' mental health in times of COVID-19Di Novi, Cinzia; Paruolo, Paolo; Verzillo, Stefano
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 101