JRC Digital Economy Working Papers, Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission

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2018 The digital transformation of news media and the rise of disinformation and fake newsMartens, Bertin; Aguiar, Luis; Gomez-Herrera, Estrella; Müller-Langer, Frank
2018 Replication Studies in Economics: How Many and Which Papers Are Chosen for Replication, and Why?Müller-Langer, Frank; Fecher, Benedikt; Harhoff, Dietmar; Wagner, Gert G.
2018 Impact of counterfeiting on the performance of digital technology companiesButticè, Vincenzo; Caviggioli, Federico; Franzoni, Chiara; Scellato, Giuseppe; Thumm, Nikolaus
2018 Does Online Access Promote Research in Developing Countries? Empirical Evidence from Article-Level DataMüller-Langer, Frank; Scheufen, Marc; Waelbroeck, Patrick
2018 Access to digital car data and competition in aftersales servicesMartens, Bertin; Müller-Langer, Frank
2018 Platforms, Promotion, and Product Discovery: Evidence from Spotify PlaylistsAguiar, Luis; Waldfogel, Joel
2018 Will this time be different? A review of the literature on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employment, Incomes and GrowthMartens, Bertin; Tolan, Songül
2018 The impact of data access regimes on artificial intelligence and machine learningMartens, Bertin
2017 Geo-blocking of Non Audio-visual Digital Media Content in the EU Digital Single MarketAlaveras, Georgios; Gomez-Herrera, Estrella; Martens, Bertin
2017 The competitive landscape of online platformsDuch-Brown, Néstor
2017 The economics of ownership, access and trade in digital dataDuch-Brown, Néstor; Martens, Bertin; Müller-Langer, Frank
2017 Trade, competition and welfare in global online labour markets: A "gig economy" case studyGomez-Herrera, Estrella; Martens, Bertin; Muller-Langer, Frank
2017 Platforms to business relations in online platform ecosystemsDuch-Brown, Néstor
2017 Barriers to European cross-border E-commerceCoad, Alexander; Duch-Brown, Néstor
2017 Quality discrimination in online multi-sided marketsDuch-Brown, Néstor
2016 An Economic Policy Perspective on Online PlatformsMartens, Bertin
2016 Scoping the Sharing Economy: Origins, Definitions, Impact and Regulatory IssuesCodagnone, Cristiano; Martens, Bertin
2016 The economic impact of removing geo-blocking restrictions in the EU Digital Single MarketDuch-Brown, Néstor; Martens, Bertin
2016 Geo-blocking in Cross-border e-Commerce in the EU Digital Single MarketCardona, Mélisande
2016 Delivery Costs and Cross-border e-Commerce in the EU Digital Single MarketDuch-Brown, Néstor; Cardona, Mélisande
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 54