European Journal of Management and Business Economics (EJM&BE), Emerald Publishing

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2018 Cruise tourism: A hedonic pricing approachEspinet-Rius, Josep Maria; Fluvià-Font, Modest; Rigall-Torrent, Ricard; Oliveras-Corominas, Anna
2018 Do work-life balance practices mediate in the relationship between female participation and financial performance?Odriozola, María Dolores; Baraibar-Diez, Elisa
2018 Smart tourism destination triggers consumer experience: The case of PortoLiberato, Pedro; Alen, Elisa; Liberato, Dalia
2018 North American entrepreneurs in Cuba: Which entry mode and government affiliation strategy?Vila-Lopez, Natalia; White, Graham
2018 Drivers of the formation of e-loyalty towards tourism destinationsParra-Lopez, Eduardo; Martínez-González, José Alberto; Chinea-Martin, Angel
2018 R&D and non-R&D in the innovation process among firms in ASEAN countries: Based on firm-level survey dataTsuji, Masatsugu; Ueki, Yasushi; Shigeno, Hidenori; Idota, Hiroki; Bunno, Teruyuki
2018 Effects of the intensity of use of social media on brand equity: An empirical study in a tourist destinationStojanovic, Igor; Andreu, Luisa; Curras-Perez, Rafael
2018 Analysis of the behaviour of the clients assisted and sales variables in the different phases of the product life cycleGaliano, Aida; Rodríguez, Vicente; Saco, Manuela
2018 The relationship between institutions and value creation in software development modelsMocciaro Li Destri, Arabella; Lo Nigro, Giovanna
2018 Public sector motivational practices and their effect on job satisfaction: Country differencesde Juana-Espinosa, Susana; Rakowska, Anna
2018 RFID and ERP systems in supply chain managementOghazi, Pejvak; Rad, Fakhreddin Fakhrai; Karlsson, Stefan; Haftor, Darek
2018 Trends on the relationship between board size and financial and reputational corporate performance: The Colombian caseOrozco, Luis Antonio; Vargas, Jose; Galindo-Dorado, Raquel
2018 Destination website quality, users' attitudes and the willingness to participate in online co-creation experiencesJiménez-Barreto, Jano; Campo-Martínez, Sara
2018 A cluster analysis of tourist attractions in Spain: Natural and cultural traits and implications for global tourismLascu, Dana-Nicoleta; Manrai, Lalita A.; Manrai, Ajay K.; Gan, Allison
2018 Inconsistency in intertemporal choice: A behavioral approachGonzález Fernández, Isabel; Cruz Rambaud, Salvador
2018 The effect of strategic flexibility configurations on product innovationBeraha, Aydin; Bingol, Dursun; Ozkan-Canbolat, Ela; Szczygiel, Nina
2018 New frontiers in tourism: Destinations, resources, and managerial perspectives - Guest editorialKozak, Metin; Rita, Paulo; Bigné Alcañiz, J. Enrique
2018 Introduction to the special issue on innovation, knowledge absorption, judgement and decision-making processesComeig, Irene; Mas-Tur, Alicia; Viglia, Giampaolo
2018 Study of the critical success factors of emblematic hotels through the analysis of content of online opinions: The case of the Spanish Tourist ParadorsFuentes-Medina, M. Lilibeth; Hernández-Estárico, Estefanía; Morini-Marrero, Sandra
2017 Enriching the ECSI model using brand strength in the retail settingSarantidou, Paraskevi
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 59