Working Papers in Economics, Department of Economics, Izmir University of Economics

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Maternal employment and female labor force participation: A case study from TurkeyEryar, Değer; Tekgüç, Hasan
2015 Job networks in Izmir: Why are migrants different?Duman, Alper; Göksel, Idil
2015 Economic Convergence in the EU: A Complexity ApproachErtan Özgüzer, Gül; Oæguøs, Ayla
2015 Input-Output Networks and Growth Performances across CountriesDuman, Alper; Ertan Özgüzer, Gül
2013 The Neoclassical Determinants of Real WageIvrendi, Mehmet; Guloglu, Bulent; Yetkiner, Y. Hakan
2013 Energy Prices and Economic Growth: Theory and Evidence in the Long RunBerk, Ýstemi; Yetkiner, Hakan
2013 The ARDL Test of Gender Kuznets Curve for G7 CountriesKýlýnç, Dilara; Onater, Esra; Yetkiner, Hakan
2013 Basic Innovation and Firm PerformanceDindaroğlu, Burak
2013 Does Gender Matter for Economic Convergence? The OECD EvidenceKýlýnç, Dilara; Yetkiner, Hakan
2012 The Granger-Causality between Transportation and GDP: A Panel Data ApproachBeyzatlar, Mehmet Aldonat; Karacal, Müge; Yetkiner, I. Hakan
2012 Defense Spending and Economic Growth:A Theoretical Manifestation for Empirical StudiesYetkiner, I. Hakan
2012 A Remark on the Form of Accumulation Functions in Economic Growth ModelsYetkiner, I. Hakan
2012 Rethinking reproduction schemesTuran Subaşat, Turan
2012 The reasons of decreasing trend of female labour force participation in Turkey: The role of conservatismGöksel, Idil
2012 A Romerian Contribution to the Empirics of Economic GrowthSağlam, Bahar Bayraktar; Yetkiner, I. Hakan
2011 R&D Productivity and Firm Size in Semiconductors and Pharmaceuticals: Evidence from Citation YieldsDindaroğlu, Burak
2010 Worthy Transfers? A Dynamic Analysis of Turkey's Accession to the European UnionErtan Özgüzer, Gül; Pensieroso, Luca
2010 Energy Evaluation and Economic Impact Analysis of Green Roofs Applied to a Pilot Region in Aegean Coast of TurkeyÇelik, Serdar; Retzlaff, William; Morgan, Susan; Oğuş Binatlı, Ayla; Ceylan, Cemil
2010 Economic cooperation In Turkish culture: Public goods games and lonely elephantsBeranek, Benjamin; Duman, Alper
2010 Does size of banks really matter? Evidence from CDS market dataArslan, İlker
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 39