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2023 Number of women on boards of large companies keeps growing: Momentum from inclusion requirement, however, is waningKirsch, Anja; Sondergeld, Virginia; Wrohlich, Katharina
2023 Construction boom coming to an end: Change in policy strategy neededGornig, Martin; Pagenhardt, Laura
2023 Corporate reporting provides insight into companies' commitment to gender equalityKirsch, Anja; Sondergeld, Virginia; Thompson, Philipp Alexander; Wrohlich, Katharina
2023 Gender parity on top boards is still a far-off goal, and it is time for companies to take actionKirsch, Anja; Sondergeld, Virginia; Thompson, Philipp Alexander; Wrohlich, Katharina
2023 US inflation reduction act demands quick strategic action from the EUBernoth, Kerstin; Meyer, Josefin
2023 International partnerships for a just energy transition: Findings from South Africavon Lüpke, Heiner; Aebischer, Charlotte; Bolaños, Martha
2022 Brüning's austerity policies of the early 1930s intensified the economic slump and increased unemploymentEttmeier, Stephanie; Kriwoluzky, Alexander
2022 Expanding solar energy capacity to power the transition to heat pumpsRoth, Alexander; Gaete Morales, Carlos David; Guéret, Adeline; Kirchem, Dana; Kittel, Martin; Schill, Wolf-Peter
2022 Sanctions against Russian oligarchs also affect their companiesBremus, Franziska; Hüttl, Pia
2022 Refugees in Germany perceived higher discrimination in the wake of the coronavirus pandemicCardozo, Adriana R.; Prömel, Christopher; Zinn, Sabine
2022 Companies contribute significantly to the integration of refugees in GermanyKritikos, Alexander; Priem, Maximilian; Winkler, Anne-Christin
2022 From Hartz IV to Bürgergeld: Reform preferences of the long-term unemployedBeckmann, Fabian; Heinze, Rolf G.; Schad, Dominik; Schupp, Jürgen
2022 Ampel-Monitor Energiewende shows the pace of the energy transition must be accelerated significantlySchill, Wolf-Peter; Roth, Alexander; Guéret, Adeline
2022 Charitable giving and income: Households with high income donate less than poorer households relative to their disposable incomeSchulz-Sandhof, Karsten; Schupp, Jürgen
2022 From historical responsibility to carbon neutrality: A country classificationAnsari, Dawud; Brahim, Wassim; Holz, Franziska; Kemfert, Claudia
2022 Construction industry: High price momentum continues, industry performing well despite COVID-19Gornig, Martin; Michelsen, Claus; Pagenhardt, Laura
2022 IW Berlin economic outlook: Summer upswing to follow winter slumpBaldi, Guido; Berenberg-Gossler, Paul; Engerer, Hella; Junker, Simon; Kholodilin, Konstantin; Kurcz, Frederik; Pagenhardt, Laura
2022 Justice profiles in Europe: Major differences in evaluation of inequalityMoya, Cristóbal; Adriaans, Jule
2022 Water resources in Germany: Increasingly polluted and regionally overusedCullmann, Astrid; Sundermann, Greta; Wägner, Nicole; von Hirschhausen, Christian R.; Kemfert, Claudia
2022 A higher retirement age has negative health effectsBarschkett, Mara; Geyer, Johannes; Haan, Peter
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 226