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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020The Flexcap – An Innovative CO2 Pricing Method for GermanyTraeger, Christian; Perino, Grischa; Pittel, Karen; Requate, Till; Schmitt, Alex
2020Carbon Pricing in Switzerland: A Fusion of Taxes, Command-and-Control, and Permit MarketsHintermann, Beat; Zarkovic, Maja
2020Regional Pilots and Carbon Pricing in ChinaZhang, ZhongXiang
2020What Can We Learn from EU ETS?Brink, Corjan; Vollebergh, Herman R.J.
2020Carbon Pricing: International ComparisonHofbauer Pérez, Maria; Rhode, Carla
2020Pricing Carbon at the Border: Key Questions for the EUDroege, Susanne; Fischer, Carolyn
2020Funding Inclusive Green Transition through Greenhouse Gas PricingSterner, Thomas; Carson, Richard T.; Hafstead, Marc A. C.; Howard, Peter; Jagers, Sverker C.; Köhlin, Gunnar; Parry, Ian W. H.; Rafaty, Ryan; Somanatan, E.; Steckel, Jan Christoph; Whittington, Dale; Alpízar R., Francisco; Ambec, Stefan; Aravena, Claudia; Bonilla, Jorge; Daniels, Reza Che; Garcia, Jorge; Harring, Niklas; Kacker, Kanishka; Kerr, Suzi; Medhin, Haileselassie; Pham Khanh Nam; Romero, Germán; Johansson-Stenman, Olof; Toman, Mike; Xu, Jintao; Wang, Min
2020Carbon Pricing in a Federal State: The Case of CanadaWinter, Jennifer
2020Subnational Carbon Pricing in the USKolstad, Charles D.
2019Fiscal Discipline in the Eurozone: Don’t Fix It, Change ItWyplosz, Charles
2019Knowledge to Money: Assessing the Business Performance Effects of Publicly Funded R&D GrantsVanino, Enrico; Roper, Stephen; Becker, Bettina
2019Research versus Development: When are R&D Subsidies most Effective?Hottenrott, Hanna; Lopes-Bento, Cindy
2019Deposit Insurance: System Design and Implementation Across CountriesAdema, Joop; Hainz, Christa; Rhode, Carla
2019The Impact of Innovation Policy on Firm Innovation and Performance: A Review of Recent Research DevelopmentsBecker, Bettina
2019Minimum Wage in Estonia and its Impact on Employment and Wage DistributionEamets, Paul; Tiwari, Amaresh K.
2019Thirty Years after the Berlin Wall Came Down: Economic Transition Completed, but Structural Deficit RemainsRagnitz, Joachim
2019What We Can Learn from the Introduction of Blanket Deposit Guarantees in Germany 2008 about the Benefits of EDISFecht, Falko; Weber, Patrick
2019The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: A Country Comparison Based on the GEI ApproachKremer, Kristian
2019EU Fiscal Rules: Further Reform or Better Implementation?Beetsma, Roel; Larch, Martin
2019Who Benefits from More Transparency in Parliamentary Voting?Benesch, Christine; Bütler, Monika; Hofer, Katharina
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 681