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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Israel’s Globalization Episodes: Lessons for Open EconomiesRazin, Assaf
2018 Inequality in Switzerland: A Haven of Stability?Foellmi, Reto; Martínez, Isabel Z.
2018 Determinants of the Wage Share: A Cross-country Comparison Using Sectoral DataGuschanski, Alexander; Onaran, Özlem
2018 Inequality and Unfairness in EuropeHufe, Paul; Peichl, Andreas
2018 Household Income Inequalities and Labour Market Position in the European UnionSalverda, Wiemer
2018 Income Inequality in the Great Recession from an EU-wide PerspectiveVacas-Soriano, Carlos; Fernández-Macías, Enrique
2018 Unexpected Rapid Fall of Wind and Solar Energy Prices: Backgrounds, Effects and PerspectivesJashari, Adelina; Lippelt, Jana; von Schickfus, Marie-Theres
2018 Inequality and Market Integration: Direct Effects and Policy Implications in EMUBertola, Giuseppe
2018 The Economic Cost of Bitcoin MiningThum, Marcel
2018 Measuring Macroeconomic Uncertainty in GermanyGrimme, Christian; Stöckli, Marc
2018 Innovative Directions for EU Cohesion Policy after 2020Begg, Iain
2018 Regional Disparities in Europe: An Assessment of the Impact of the 2007–2013 Funding Programme on Convergence in Romania and BulgariaSchoenberg, Alina
2018 R&D and Innovation Support in the Evolving EU Cohesion PolicyDrometer, Marcus; Nam, Chang Woon
2018 Segregation of EU13 Countries in EU Framework Programmes Illuminates Important Challenges for Cohesion PolicyUkrainski, Kadri; Kanep, Hanna; Kirs, Margit; Karo, Erkki
2018 EU Cohesion Policy and Innovation Support in Central and Eastern Europe: A Critical ReviewSerbanica, Cristina; Constantin, Daniela Luminiţa
2018 What Direction Should EU Cohesion Policy Take?Krieger-Boden, Christiane
2018 The New ifo Business Climate Index for GermanySauer, Stefan; Wohlrabe, Klaus
2018 World Economic Outlook for 2018 and 2019Nam, Chang Woon
2018 A Euro Area Finance Ministry – Recipe for Improved Governance?Clauss, Michael; Remhof, Stefan
2018 The Devil’s in the Caveats: A Brief Discussion of the Difficulties of Basic Income ExperimentsWiderquist, Karl
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 727