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2017 Re-discussion on the rationality of high income of monopoly industries: Evidence from the employer-employee matched dataNie, Haifeng; Yue, Ximing
2017 Export fluctuation and overcapacity in China's manufacturing industry: The inspection of the causes of excess capacity from the perspective of external demandLiu, Hang; Li, Ping; Yang, Danhui
2017 Explaining provincial government health expenditures in China: Evidence from panel data 2007-2013Tan, Xiao
2017 The effect of equity structure and influence factors on China's banking cyclical behavior and monetary policyAgyekum, Crentsil Kofi
2017 Transfer payment structure and local government fiscal efficiency: Evidence from ChinaWu, Yongqiu; Huang, Yi; Zhao, Jing; Pu, Yanping
2017 Assessing China's recent capital outflows: Policy challenges and implicationsChan, Sarah
2017 Risk identification, future value and credit capitalization: Research on the theory and policy of poverty alleviation by Internet financeLi, Yongjian; Wang, Chengqing
2017 Impact of market access and comparative advantage on regional distribution of manufacturing sectorImran, Muhammad; Zhang, Gu; An, HuSen
2017 How do Chinese firms adjust their financial leverage: An empirical investigation using multiple GMM modelsur Rehman, Ajid; Wang, Man; Mirza, Sultan Sikandar
2017 Whether profitability and investment factors have additional explanatory power comparing with Fama-French Three-Factor Model: Empirical evidence on Chinese A-share stock marketJiao, Wenting; Lilti, Jean-Jacques
2017 Leisure participation patterns and gender wage gap: Evidence from Chinese manufacturing industryWei, Xiang; Ma, Emily; Wang, Pengfei
2017 A study on the dynamic comparison of logistics industry's correlation effects in ChinaYi, Shaohua; Xie, Jie
2017 From 'selective two-child policy' to universal two-child policy: Will the payment crisis of China's pension system be solved?Zeng, Yi; Zhang, Xinjie; Liu, Lingchen
2017 Measuring aggregate trade costs and its empirical effects on manufacturing export composition in ChinaXu, Tongsheng; Liang, Xiao
2016 Why rapid urbanization process cannot improve employment absorption capacity of service industry in China – also on the interactive mode innovation between service industry development with urbanization under the background of transformation and upgradingZeng, Shi-hong; Xia, Jie-chang
2016 Non-performing loans (NPLs), liquidity creation, and moral hazard: Case of Chinese banksUmar, Muhammad; Sun, Gang
2016 Examining volatility spillover between Asian countries' stock marketsJebran, Khalil; Iqbal, Amjad
2016 China's spatial (dis)integration as a multiethnic paradox: what do the interprovincial data say?Guo, Rongxing
2016 Efficient scale of prefectural government in ChinaFukushige, Mototsugu; Shi, Yingxin
2016 The effect of nighttime trading of futures markets on information flows: evidence from ChinaFung, Hung-Gay; Mai, Liuqing; Zhao, Lin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 55