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2021 Should I wait or should I go? Travelling versus waiting for better healthcareLippi Bruni, Matteo; Ugolini, Cristina; Verzulli, Rossella
2021 Under the same (Chole)sky: DNK models, timing restrictions and recursive identification of monetary policy shocksAngelini, Giovanni; Sorge, Marco M.
2021 What do cooperative firms maximize, if at all? Evidence from Emilia-Romagna in the pre-Covid decadeCaselli, Guido; Costa, Michele; Delbono, Flavio
2021 Cooperative movement and prosperity across Italian regionsCosta, Michele; Delbono, Flavio; Linguiti, Francesco
2021 On the benefits of repayingCaselli, Francesca; Faralli, Matilde; Manasse, Paolo; Panizza, Ugo
2021 Politically connected cities: Italy 1951-1991Barone, Guglielmo; De Blasio, Guido; Gentili, Elena
2021 Unconventional monetary policy in the euro area: A tale of three shocksFanelli, Luca; Marsi, Antonio
2020 Has the credit supply shock asymmetric effects on macroeconomic variables?Colombo, Valentina; Paccagnini, Alessia
2020 Biased health perceptions and risky health behaviors: Theory and evidenceArni, Patrick; Dragone, Davide; Götte, Lorenz; Ziebarth, Nicolas R.
2020 Causality in econometric modeling: From theory to structural causal modelingMouchart, Michel; Orsi, Renzo; Wunsch, Guillaume
2020 Solving the milk addiction paradoxDragone, Davide; Raggi, Davide
2020 Substitution effects in intertemporal problemsDragone, Davide; Vanin, Paolo
2020 Auctions vs. negotiations in vertically related marketsBacchiega, Emanuele; Bonroy, Olivier; Petrakis, Emmanuel
2020 Within-between decomposition of the Gini index: A novel proposalAttili, Federico
2020 Trade secrets lawFranzoni, Luigi Alberto
2020 Exchange rates and political uncertainty: The Brexit caseManasse, Paolo; Moramarco, Graziano; Trigilia, Giulio
2020 Opening the red budget box: Nonlinear effects of a tax shock in the UKColombo, Valentina
2020 Italian families in the 21st century: Gender gaps in time use and their evolutionBarigozzi, Francesca; Di Timoteo, Cesare; Monfardini, Chiara
2020 Measuring global macroeconomic uncertaintyMoramarco, Graziano
2020 Are fiscal multipliers estimated with proxy-SVARs robust?Angelini, Giovanni; Caggiano, Giovanni; Castelnuovo, Efrem; Fanelli, Luca
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1166