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2021 Labour market power and between-firm wage (in)equalityMertens, Matthias
2021 Benchmarking New Zealand's frontier firmsZheng, Guanyu; Duy, Hoang Minh; Pacheco, Gail
2021 European firm concentration and aggregate productivityBighelli, Tommaso; Di Mauro, Filippo; Melitz, Marc J.; Mertens, Matthias
2021 Globalisation in Europe: Consequences for the business environment and future patterns in light of Covid-19Inferrera, Sergio
2021 Trade shocks, labour markets and elections in the first globalisationBräuer, Richard; Hungerland, Wolf-Fabian; Kersting, Felix
2020 Decentralisation of collective bargaining: A path to productivity?Aglio, Daniele; Di Mauro, Filippo
2020 The East-West German gap in revenue productivity: Just a tale of output prices?Mertens, Matthias; Müller, Steffen
2020 The viral effects of foreign trade and supply networks in the euro areaDi Nino, Virginia; Veltri, Bruno
2019 Price-cost margin and bargaining power in the European UnionSoares, Ana Cristina
2019 Employment protection and firm-level job reallocation: Adjusting for coverageMarzinotto, Benedicta; Wintr, Ladislav
2019 Trade, misallocation, and capital market integrationTetenyi, Laszlo
2019 Private debt, public debt, and capital misallocationAlimov, Behzod
2019 Total factor productivity and the terms of tradeTeresiński, Jan
2019 Labour market power and the distorting effects of international tradeMertens, Matthias
2019 The effect of the single currency on exports: Comparative firm-level evidenceLalinsky, Tibor; Meriküll, Jaanika
2019 Micro-mechanisms behind declining labour shares: Market power, production processes, and global competitionMertens, Matthias
2018 Living with lower productivity growth: Impact on exportsDi Mauro, Filippo; Mottironi, Bernardo; Ottaviano, Gianmarco; Zona-Mattioli, Alessandro
2017 Wage Bargaining Regimes and Firms' Adjustments to the Great RecessionRonchi, Maddalena; di Mauro, Filippo
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 18 von 18
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