economic sociology. perspectives and conversations, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (MPIfG)

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2022 Nigel Dodd (1965-2022) obituaryAspers, Patrik
2022 The global bazaar economyXiang, Biao
2022 Economy of favours in Central Asia: Tanish-bilish, kattalar and kichkinaTuraeva, Rano
2022 Towards a sociology of prices: An interview with Fabien Eloire and Jean FinezEloire, Fabien; Finez, Jean
2022 Predictions of electricity prices as embedded devices for coordinating European futuresLis-Plesińska, Aleksandra
2022 The strength of weak national ties: The economic sociology of nation-buildingLainer-Vos, Dan
2022 The calculus of the gift: Money and social relationships in JapanRupp, Katherine
2022 Globalization and film locations: Runaway productions in Hong KongMartin, Sylvia J.
2022 Note from the editor: Global markets and local culturesChan, Cheris Shun-ching
2022 Meanings and consequences of informal payments in the Romanian health care sectorWamsiedel, Marius
2022 Extractive masculinities: Bringing gender back into microfinanceRadhakrishnan, Smitha
2022 Economies and favours: What's in a word?Makovicky, Nicolette; Henig, David
2022 Meaning in the margins: Tracing global blockchain markets in local configurationsPreda, Alex; Valk, Julie; Xu, Ruowen
2022 The return of inflationBlock, Fred L.
2022 Note from the editor: Economies of favor and informality in diversityChan, Cheris Shun-ching
2022 Traduttore, traditore: The expert work of producing global (yet local) market classificationsBenzecry, Claudio E.
2022 Making inflation visible: How incremental price increases become a public problemSerafin, Marcin; Rycombel, Marlena; Olcoń-Kubicka, Marta
2022 The ubiquity of Japanese informality and Okinawan Moai (模合)Polese, Abel
2022 Note from the editor: The economic sociology of price instability and inflationSerafin, Marcin
2022 Social eating as a favor exchange facilitator: New survey evidence from ChinaBian, Yanjie; He, Lingfeng
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 393
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