ERSA 2011 - 51st Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Barcelona, 2011

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2011The suitability of hedonic models for cost-benefit analysis: evidence from commuting flowsGjestland, Arnstein; McArthur, David; Osland, Liv; Thorsen, Inge
2011Economic Entrepreneurship, Startups and Their Effects on Local Development: The Case of SwedenWestlund, Hans; Olsson, Amy
2011A spatial nonparametric analysis of local multipliersMagrini, Stefano; Gerolimetto, Margherita
2011Avaliação da qualidade nutricional de cultivares de milho no HuamboPepeka, Maria
2011Market Potential and Regional Disparities in TurkeyDogruel, Fatma; Dogruel, A. Suut; Karahasan, B. Can
2011Delineation of local labor markets in Greece on the basis of travel-to-work flowsKallioras, Dimitris; Kandylis, Yorgos; Kromydakis, Nikos; Pantazis, Panagiotis
2011UNPLUGGED CITY Escaping from Global Networks and Flows Trap? New Geographies of LogisticsMateos, Gonzalo Cantos
2011Investigating accessibility indicators for feedback from a travel to a land use modelNicolai, Thomas; Nagel, Kai
2011The impact of carbon emission considerations on manufacturing value chain relocationWu, Peng; Jin, Ying; Shi, Yongjiang
2011A STATE INTERVENTION MODEL IN URBAN REGENERATION: DEVELOPMENT AND INTERNAL COHESIONRoyo, Roberto Cervelló; Garrido-Yserte, Ruben; García del Río, Baldomero Segura
2011Informal-Formal Worker Wage Gap in Turkey: Evidence From A Semi-Parametric ApproachBaskaya, Yusuf Soner; Hulagu, Timur
2011Leaders and outliers in the race of regions - EU Cohesion Policy in Poland in the light of macroeconomic modellingMogiła, Zbigniew; Zaleski, Janusz; Kudełko, Joanna
2011Regional identities and competitiveness in a globalised environment: New challenges for Greek regions.Nikoli, Anastasia; Zigouri, Fotini
2011Productivity growth in the Old and New Europe: the role of agglomeration externalitiesPaci, Raffaele; Marrocu, Emanuela; Usai, Stefano
2011On specifying heterogeneity in knowledge production functionsGuastella, Giovanni; van Oort, Frank
2011Emergent multimedia clusters in the Lille, Lyon and Marseille metropolitan areasBruno, Lusso
2011Resource flows and the decomposition of regional inequality in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolitan Region, 1990-2004Li, Yuheng
2011The Long Wind of Change. Educational Impacts on Entrepreneurial IntentionsGold, Robert; Falck, Oliver; Heblich, Stephan
2011Aspects of Rural Development in Greece: Indicators, Policies and New OpportunitiesIliopoulou, Polixeni; Stratakis, Panagiotis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 472