Working Papers, National Institute of Economic Research (INCE), Romanian Academy

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2014 Financial instability, cycles and the role of institutionsIancu, Aurel
2014 Financial-monetary instability factors within the framework of the recent crisis in RomaniaFilip, Bogdan Florin
2014 Creditless Recovery in Eastern EuropeOlteanu, Dan
2013 Extending Financialisation and Increasing Fragility of the Financial SystemIancu, Aurel
2013 Sustainability of convergence in the context of macro-prudential policies in the European UnionTriandafil, Cristina Maria
2013 The Regional Development Policy of Romania in the Post-Accession PeriodAntonescu, Daniela
2013 On the C++ Object Programming for Time Series, in the Linux frameworkMateescu, George Daniel
2012 Romanian banking competition. A new structural approachMereuta, Cezar; Capraru, Bogdan
2012 Monetary Conditions and GDP Evolution in RomaniaOlteanu, Dan
2011 Changes in economy or changes in economics?Albu, Lucian-Liviu
2011 The analysis of the convergence criteria. Empirical perspective in the context of the sustainable character highlightTriandafil, Cristina Maria
2011 Financial system fragility modelsIancu, Aurel
2010 The regression calculus of economic convergence and the contribution of the institutional factorIancu, Aurel; Pecican, Eugen Stefan; Olteanu, Dan
2010 Assessing the possibilities of filling the gap between Romania and the EU in the RDI fieldSandu, Steliana; Paun, Cristian
2010 Indicators of real convergence and their applicationPecican, Eugen Stefan
2010 The influence of RDI on competitiveness and specialisation of production and export in EuropeOlteanu, Dan
2010 The convergence of industrial property rightsAnghel, Ion E.; Iancu, Victor
2010 Industrial property as a stimulator of scientific creation and innovationAnghel, Ion E.; Iancu, Victor
2010 Technology-intensive industries - Input-output analysisOlteanu, Dan
2010 Transition, integration and convergence - The case of Romania -Iancu, Aurel
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 29