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2013 The religious affiliation and anti-semitism of secondary school Swedish youths: A statistical analysis of survey data from 2003 and 2009Bevelander, Pieter / Hjerm, Mikael / Kiiskinen, Jenny
2012 What happened to God's time? The evolution of secularism and hours of work in America, evidence from religious holidaysLozano, Fernando A.
2009 The religious transition: a long-run perspectivePaldam, Martin / Gundlach, Erich
2013 Bridges or buffers? Motives behind immigrants' religiosity - A comparative study of Europe and the United StatesGarcia-Muñoz, Teresa / Neuman, Shoshana
2014 Love thy neighbor: Religion and prosocial behaviorHeineck, Guido
2015 The protestant fiscal ethic: Religious confession and Euro skepticism in GermanyChadi, Adrian / Krapf, Matthias
2014 Why do people leave bequests? For love or self-interest?Horioka, Charles Yuji
2005 Religion and trust: an experimental studyTan, Jonathan H. W. / Vogel, Claudia
2001 The determinants of church attendance and religious human capital in Germany : evidence from panel dataHeineck, Guido
2002 The political economy of Kosher WarsEpstein, Gil S. / Gang, Ira N.

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