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2010 The empire is dead, long live the empire!: Values and human interactions 90 years after the fall of the Habsburg empireBecker, Sascha O. / Boeckh, Katrin / Hainz, Christa / Woessmann, Ludger
2010 Baumol's cost-disease, efficiency, and productivity in the performing arts: An analysis of German public theatersLast, Anne-Kathrin / Wetzel, Heike
2010 The Empire Is Dead, Long Live the Empire! Values and Human Interactions 90 Years after the Fall of the Habsburg EmpireBecker, Sascha O. / Boeckh, Katrin / Hainz, Christa / Woessmann, Ludger
2015 Do Family Values Shape the Pace to Return to Work after Childbirth?Borrell-Porta, Mireia
2004 Shared Mental Models, Catch-up Development and Economic Policy-Making : The Case of Germany after World War II and Its Significance for Contemporary RussiaZweynert, Joachim
2015 Music in the Air: Estimating the Social Return to Cultural AmenitiesFalck, Oliver / Fritsch, Michael / Heblich, Stephan / Otto, Anne
2006 Conflicting Patterns of Thought in the Russian Debate on Transition: 1992-2002Zweynert, Joachim
2010 Urban violence is not (necessarily) a way of life: Towards a political economy of conflict in citiesRodgers, Dennis
2012 Culture and tax structuresKönig, Tobias / Wagener, Andreas
2015 The Agricultural Origins of Time PreferenceGalor, Oded / Özak, Ömer

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