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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Public Participation in Selection of The Road Construction by AHP for Supporting of CO2 Emissions Reduction: Maros-Watampone Road CaseAny, Wahyuni; Yuzuru, Miyata
2014Intra-urban disparities in the quality of life in the city of Porto: a spatial analysis contributionSantos, Luis Delfim; Martins, Isabel
2014Keep Your Clunker in the Suburb: Low Emission Zones and Adoption of Green VehiclesWolff, Hendrik
2010Distribuição desigual dos direitos humanos e da cidadania: Áreas de concentração de vítimas de homicídio e ação policial no município do Rio de JaneiroRivero, Patricia Silveira
2014Advancement of Polish and French regions in the process of smart specialisationCzyzewska, Dorota; Golejewska, Anna
2015The LEADER process as a European policy for local development: A comparison of the implementation in three European member statesBerriet-Solliec, Marielle; Laidin, Catherine; Lépicier, Denis; Pham, Hai Vu; Pollermann, Kim; Raue, Petra; Schnaut, Gitta
2011Ländliche Entwicklungspolitik ab 2014: Eine Bewertung der Verordnungsvorschläge der Europäischen Kommission vom Oktober 2011Grajewski, Regina
2012The impact of low emission zones on PM10 levels in urban areas in GermanyMalina, Christiane; Fischer, Frauke
2014The Impact of Brazilian Regional Development Funds on Regional Economic Growth: A spatial panel approachResende, Guilherme; Cravo, Tulio; Carvalho, Alexandre
2013Tourism As Possible Opportunity To Address The Crisis In ItalyManitiu, Dorel Nicolae