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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Avaliação dos impactos econômicos do fundo costitucional de financiamento do Centro-Oeste (FCO) entre 2004 e 2010Resende, Guilherme Mendes; Cravo, Tulio Antônio; Pires, Murilo José de Souza
2015Avaliação dos efeitos econômicos dos Fundos Constitucionais de Financiamento do Nordeste, do Norte e do Centro-Oeste: Uma análise por tipologia da política nacional de desenvolvimento regional entre 1999 e 2011Resende, Guilherme Mendes; da Silva, Diego Firmino Costa; da Silva Filho, Luís Abel
2012Micro e macroimpactos de políticas de desenvolvimento regional: O caso dos empréstimos do FNE-industrial no estado de CearáResende, Guilherme Mendes
2013Suburbanization in Greece: The informal transformation of Maroussi into the economic hub of AthensChorianopoulos, Ioannis; Karvounis, Alexandros; Ballas, Dimitris; Phelps, Nick
2014Local Economic Conditions and the Nature of New Housing SupplyHilber, Christian A.L.; Rouwendal, Jan; Vermeulen, Wouter
2010The Impact of Mixed Land Use on Residential Property ValuesKoster, Hans R.A.; Rouwendal, Jan
2007Does Land Use Planning shape Regional Economies?Vermeulen, Wouter; van Ommeren, Jos
2007A new central station for a unified city: predicting impact on property prices for urban railway network extensions in BerlinAhlfeldt, Gabriel M.
2007If Alonso was right: accessibility as determinant for attractiveness of urban locationAhlfeldt, Gabriel M.
2010Impact of the global commodity and financial crises on poverty in VietnamThurlow, James; Tarp, Finn; McCoy, Simon; Manh Hai, Nguyen; Breisinger, Clemens