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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Examining the roots of homelessness: The impact of regional housing market conditions and the social environment on homelessness in North-Rhine-Westphalia, GermanyKröll, Alexandra; Farhauer, Oliver
2009Neighborhood dynamics and the housing price effects of spatially targeted economic development policyKrupka, Douglas J.; Noonan, Douglas S.
2011Social housing and location choices of immigrants in FranceFougère, Denis; Kramarz, Francis; Rathelot, Roland; Safi, Mirna
2013Language and political power in the urban model: an application to BrusselsHeyndrickx, Christophe; Proost, Stef
2012Middle Of The Road: Romania's Regional Policy In The Current Eu Programming PeriodConstantin, Daniela L.
2015Housing policies for Asia: A theoretical analysis by use of a demand and supply modelYoshino, Naoyuki; Helble, Matthias; Aizawa, Toshiaki
2013Suburbanization in Greece: The informal transformation of Maroussi into the economic hub of AthensChorianopoulos, Ioannis; Karvounis, Alexandros; Ballas, Dimitris; Phelps, Nick
2014The EU funding contribution to regional growth and regeneration in Romania. A Focus on the North-East RegionConstantin, Daniela-Luminita; Goschin, Zizi; Ileanu, Bogdan; Grosu, Raluca Mariana; Bodea, Constanta
2013Consensus Building Via Cooperative Game Theory In The Process Of Urban RedevelopmentKüçükmehmetoğlu, Mehmet; Büyükgöz, Ali
2008Organized crime and foreign direct investment: the Italian caseDaniele, Vittorio; Marani, Ugo