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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008Which Communities should be afraid of mobility?: the effects of agglomeration economies on the sensitivity of firm location to local taxesJofre-Monseny, Jordi; Solé-Ollé, Albert
2011Determinación de las bases para construir un modelo de explicación de la deslocalización empresarial a través de la revisión de los principales trabajos empíricosLampón Caride, Jesús F.
2012Fooled by search: Housing prices, turnover and bubblesPeterson, Brian M.
2016Place-based Policies, Firm Productivity and Displacement Effects: Evidence from Shenzhen, ChinaKoster, Hans; Cheng, Fang Fang; Gerritse, Michiel; van Oort, Frank
2004Knowledge, networks of cities and growth in regional urban systems: theory, measurement and policy implicationsBoix, Rafael; Trullén, Joan
2003Market size, linkages and productivity: A study of Japanese regionsDavis, Donald R.; Weinstein, David E.
2010The impact of regional supply and demand conditions on job creation and destructionKrumm, Raimund; Strotmann, Harald
2016The impact of broadband and other infrastructure on the location of new business establishmentsMcCoy, Daire; Lyons, Sean; Morgenroth, Edgar; Palcic, Donal; Allen, Leonie
2008The Industrial Innovation Potential of the Regions: Stuttgart and Munich Further AheadEickelpasch, Alexander
2014Unbalanced Regional Impact of the crisis in Spain. An explorative analysis through structural changes, sectorial specialization and productivityCuadrado-Roura, Juan R.; Maroto-Sanchez, Andres