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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Immigrant homeownership and immigration status: Evidence from SpainAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Mundra, Kusum
2010Jobs in Springfield, Massachusetts: Understanding and remedying the causes of low resident employment ratesKodrzycki, Yolanda K.; Muñoz, Ana Patricia; Browne, Lynn; Green, DeAnna; Benton, Marques; Chakrabarti, Prabal; Walker, Richard; Zhao, Bo
2010Racial preferences in a small urban housing market: A spatial econometric analysis of microneighborhoods in Kingston, New YorkDeSilva, Sanjaya; Pham, Anh; Smith, Michael
2012Internet offer prices for flats and their determinants: A cross section of large European citiesKholodilin, Konstantin A.
2005Optimal commodity taxation when land and structures must be taxed at the same rateAura, Saku; Davidoff, Thomas
2011Energetische Aufwertung vermieteter Mehrfamilienhäuser: Die kleinen Wohnungsanbieter tun sich schwer – Auswertungen auf Grundlage des ista-IWH-Energieeffizienzindex–Rosenschon, Sebastian; Schulz, Christian; Michelsen, Claus
2011Im Fokus: Im Osten nichts Neues – Ergebnisse des ista-IWH-Energieeffizienzindex –Michelsen, Claus; Rosenschon, Sebastian; Schulz, Christian
2010Tópicos em econometria espacial para dados cross-sectionCarvalho, Alexandre Xavier Ywata; Albuquerque, Pedro Henrique Melo
2015Urban house prices: A tale of 48 citiesKholodilin, Konstantin A.; Ulbricht, Dirk
2005The Q theory and the Swedish housing market –an empirical testBerg, Lennart; Berger, Tommy