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DateTitle Authors
2005 Heterogeneity within Communities: A Stochastic Model with Tenure ChoiceOrtalo-Magné, François / Rady, Sven
2008 Interaction between housing prices and household borrowing in FinlandOikarinen, Elias
2014 The market value of energy efficiency in buildings and the mode of tenureKholodilin, Konstantin A. / Michelsen, Claus
2010 Is there a bubble in the Chinese housing market?Dreger, Christian / Zhang, Yanqun
2003 Dual Earners, Urban Labor Markets and Housing DemandRouwendal, Jan / van der Straaten, Willemijn
2011 Is there discriminatory mortgage pricing against immigrants in the Spanish lending market?Diaz-Serrano, Luis / Raya, Josep M.
2010 A longitudinal analysis of moving desires, expectations and actual moving behaviourCoulter, Rory / Ham, Maarten van / Feijten, Peteke
2011 The impact of union dissolution on moving distances and destinations in the UKFeijten, Peteke / van Ham, Maarten
2007 Ethnic identity and immigrant homeownershipConstant, Amelie F. / Roberts, Rowan / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2009 Die Auswirkungen der Geldmenge und des Kreditvolumens auf die Immobilienpreise: ein ARDL-Ansatz für DeutschlandBelke, Ansgar

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