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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Local Economic Conditions and the Nature of New Housing SupplyHilber, Christian A.L.; Rouwendal, Jan; Vermeulen, Wouter
2014Local Multipliers, Unemployment and Migration: An Empirical Analysis of the United StatesDijk, Jasper Van
2013Suburbanization in Greece: The informal transformation of Maroussi into the economic hub of AthensChorianopoulos, Ioannis; Karvounis, Alexandros; Ballas, Dimitris; Phelps, Nick
2012A Paraíba no contexto nacional, regional e internoMendes, Constantino Cronemberger; de Araújo Júnior, Ignácio Tavares; Fernandes, Anna Paola; Lyra, Diego Mendes; Lopes de Oliveira, Geraldo; Gonçalo de Oliveira, Carlos; Benigno da Silva, Neuma
2013Economic distress and resurgence in US central cities: Concepts, causes, and policy leversKodrzycki, Yolanda K.; Muñoz, Ana Patricia
2014Local multipliers in OECD regionsDijk, Jasper Van
2014Winner Picking in Urban Revitalization Policies: Empirical Evidence from BerlinRichter, Felix
2014The EU funding contribution to regional growth and regeneration in Romania. A Focus on the North-East RegionConstantin, Daniela-Luminita; Goschin, Zizi; Ileanu, Bogdan; Grosu, Raluca Mariana; Bodea, Constanta
2009Territorial Capital and Regional Growth: Increasing Returns in Cognitive Knowledge UseCapello, Roberta; Caragliu, Andrea; Nijkamp, Peter
2014TransNIEMO: Economic Impact Analysis Using a Model of Consistent Interregional Economic and Network EquilibriaCho, JoongKoo; Gordon, Peter; II, James E. Moore; Pan, Qisheng; Park, JiYoung; Richardson, Harry W.