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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Strukturelle Betrachtung des Energieverbrauchs der Industrie in den Bundesländern - Eine Analyse für Niedersachsen und Möglichkeiten einer Projektion der Industrie in den Bundesländern Strukturelle Betrachtung des Energieverbrauchs der Industrie in den BundesländernUlrich, Philip
2014Possibilities and prospects of tourism development in the Russian ArcticLarchenko, Lubov
2004"Small cities blues": Looking for growth factors in small and medium-sized citiesErickcek, George A.; McKinney, Hannah
2007City air or city markets: productivity gains in urban areasKrupka, Douglas J.
2011The relevance of amenities and agglomeration for Dutch housing pricesGarretsen, Harry; Marlet, Gerard
2011Análisis de contenido de las publicaciones sobre clusters y distritos industriales en las revistas Españolas de economiaCapó-Vicedo, Josep; Martínez-Fernández, Maria Teresa; Vallet-Bellmunt, Teresa; Expósito-Langa, Manuel
2012Are the effects of EU Cohesion Policy for the Polish regional labour markets worth their costs? - a study based on the results of counter-factual macroeconomic simulationsZaleski, Janusz; Mogiła, Zbigniew; Zaleska, Marta
2012Euro 2012 in Poland – facts and myths about its importance for the development of the host regions in the context of the counterfactual analysisKudełko, Joanna; Mogiła, Zbigniew; Poproch, Aleksandra
2012The competitiveness of EU regionsKourilova, Jana; Wokoun, Rene; Damborsky, Milan; Krejcova, Nikola
2015Robustness and Persistence in the Italian Urban LandscapeBarbieri, Giovanni; Barbieri, Lorenzo