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2014 The political economy of certificates for land use in Germany: Experimental evidenceBizer, Kilian / Henger, Ralph / Meub, Lukas / Proeger, Till
2013 A construção de grandes barragens no Brasil, na China e na Índia: Similitudes e peculiaridades dos processos de licenciamento ambiental em países emergentesFerraz da Fonseca, Igor
2013 Are German tourists environmental chameleons? A micro-econometric analysis of adaptation to climate changeSchwirplies, Claudia / Ziegler, Andreas
2012 Development trajectory, emission profile, and policy actions: ThailandChotichanathawewong, Qwanruedee / Thongplew, Natapol
2013 Basic Structures and Political Implications of a Sustainable Welfare ModelMeyer, Bernd / Ahlert, Gerd / Zieschank, Roland / Diefenbacher, Hans
2013 Synopsis of Approaches to Welfare and of Green Growth Concepts Currently under DiscussionAhlert, Gerd / Meyer, Bernd / Zieschank, Roland / Diefenbacher, Hans / Nutzinger, Hans G.
2010 Politics and economics of second-best regulation of greenhouse gases: the importance of regulatory credibilityBosetti, Valentina / Victor, David G.
2007 Predicting the Deforestation–Trend Under Different Carbon–PricesKindermann, Georg E. / Obersteiner, Michael / Rametsteiner, Ewald / McCallcum, Ian
2007 Group Rewards and Individual Sanctions in Environmental PolicyDijkstra, Bouwe R. / Rübbelke, Dirk T.G.
2006 Pigou’s Dividend versus Ramsey’s Dividend in the Double Dividend LiteratureRodríguez, Miguel / Giménez, Eduardo L.

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