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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Assessment of the Effectiveness of Global Climate Policies Using Coupled Bottom-up and Top-down ModelsLabriet, Maryse; Drouet, Laurent; Vielle, Marc; Loulou, Richard; Kanudia, Amit; Haurie, Alain
2013Including maritime transport in the EU's climate change policy: Country-based allocation and effectsHeitmann, Nadine
2013Estimating the marginal abatement costs of carbon dioxide emissions in China: A parametric analysisDu, Limin; Hanley, Aoife; Wei, Chu
2013Determinants of technology transfer through CDM: The case of ChinaWeitzel, Matthias; Liu, Wan-Hsin; Vaona, Andrea
2013Establishing a sustainable development goal for oceans and coasts to face the challenges of our future oceanVisbeck, Martin; Kronfeld-Goharani, Ulrike; Neumann, Barbara; Rickels, Wilfried; Schmidt, Jörn; van Doorn, Erik
2015Estimating the marginal abatement cost curve of CO2 emissions in China: Provincial panel data analysisDu, Limin; Hanley, Aoife; Wei, Chu
2012Erneuerbare Energien: Quotenmodell keine Alternative zum EEGDiekmann, Jochen; Kemfert, Claudia; Neuhoff, Karsten; Schill, Wolf-Peter; Traber, Thure
2006Begrenzen Chinas Wasserressourcen seine wirtschaftliche Entwicklung?Joest, Frank; Niemes, Horst; Faber, Malte; Roth, Kurt
2012The potential contribution of the shipping sector to an efficient reduction of global carbon dioxide emissionsHeitmann, Nadine; Peterson, Sonja
2016Subsidizing human capital to overcome the green paradox: A demand-side approachSteinkraus, Arne