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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009Assessing the impact of biodiversity on tourism flows: A model for tourist behaviour and its policy implicationsMacagno, Giulia; Loureiro, Maria; Nunes, Paulo A. L.D.; Tol, Richard
2005Optimal pest control in agricultureChristiaans, Thomas; Eichner, Thomas; Pethig, Rüdiger
2004Economic land use, ecosystem services and microfounded species dynamicsEichner, Thomas; Pethig, Rüdiger
2007An agglomeration payment for cost-effective biodiversity conservation in spatially structured landscapesDrechsler, Martin; Johst, Karin; Wätzold, Frank; Shogren, Jason F.
2013Kurz zum Klima: Biodiversität und KlimawandelLippelt, Jana
2010Bush encroachment control and risk management in semi-arid rangelandsLukomska, Natalia; Quaas, Martin F.; Baumgärtner, Stefan
2015Economic and ecological trade-offs of agricultural specialization at different spatial scalesKlasem, Stephan; Meyer, Katrin M.; Dislich, Claudia; Euler, Michael; Faust, Heiko; Gatto, Marcel; Hettig, Elisabeth; Melati, Dian N.; Jaya, I. Nengah Surati; Otten, Fenna; Perez, César; Steinebach, Stefanie; Tarigan, Suria; Wiegand, Kerstin
2011Revisiting the Gaia hypothesis: Maximum Entropy, Kauffman's 'Fourth Law' and physiosemeiosisHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2010Biodiversity valuation in developing countries: a focus on small island developing states (SIDS)Teelucksingh, Sonja S.; Nunes, Paulo A. L. D.
2015A magyar mezőgazdasági tudásrendszer intézményei és változásaiNemes, Gusztáv; Varga, Ágnes