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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010Fairness, credibility and effectiveness in the Copenhagen accord: an economic assessmentDe Cian, Enrica; Favero, Alice
2010Modell basierte Analyse von Wasserströmen im internationalen Handel von AgrarproduktenTreitler, Roland; Berrer, Helmut
2013Establishing a sustainable development goal for oceans and coasts to face the challenges of our future oceanVisbeck, Martin; Kronfeld-Goharani, Ulrike; Neumann, Barbara; Rickels, Wilfried; Schmidt, Jörn; van Doorn, Erik
2012Energy consumption, economic growth and CO2 emissions in Middle East and North African CountriesArouri, Mohamed El Hedi; Youssef, Adel Ben; M'Henni, Hatem; Rault, Christophe
2014Energy Use and Economic Growth in Africa: A Panel Granger-Causality InvestigationArouri, Mohamed El Hedi; Youssef, Adel Ben; M'Henni, Hatem; Rault, Christophe
2014The Environmental Kuznets Curve and Sustainability: A Panel Data AnalysisFarhani, Sahbi; Mrizak, Sana; Chaibi, Anissa; Rault, Christophe
2015Towards Territorial Sustainability Systems: A step forwardBarrutia, Jose M.; Echebarria, Carmen; Hartmann, Patrick; Apaolaza, Vanessa; Eletxigerra, Ainhize; Velez, Alexander
2015Qualitative Scenario Building for Post-carbon CitiesBreil, Margaretha; Cattaneo, Cristina; Johnson, Katie
2009The relationship between resilience and sustainable development of ecological-economic systemsDerissen, Sandra; Quaas, Martin; Baumgärtner, Stefan
2014Chinese food security and climate change: Agriculture futuresYe, Liming; Tang, Huajun; Wu, Wenbin; Yang, Peng; Nelson, Gerald C.; Mason-D'Croz, Daniel; Palazzo, Amanda