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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Is Emission Intensity or Output U-shaped in the Strictness of Environmental PolicyDijkstra, Bouwe; Gil-Moltó, Maria J.
2013Optimal environmental policy with network effects: Is lock-in in dirty technologies possible?Greaker, Mads; Midttømme, Kristoffer
2015Fiscal and Regulatory Instruments for Clean Technology Development in the European UnionDechezleprêtre, Antoine; Popp, David
2014Model simulations of resource use scenarios for EuropeKratena, Kurt; Sommer, Mark
2006Gradual versus structural technological change in the transition to a low-emission energy industry: How time-to-build and differing social and individual discount rates influence environmental and technology policiesHeinzel, Christoph; Winkler, Ralph
2010Does foreign aid reduce energy and carbon intensities in developing countries?Kretschmer, Bettina; Hübler, Michael; Nunnenkamp, Peter
2015The impact of wind power support schemes on technology choicesMay, Nils
2011How location decisions influence transport costs of processed and unprocessed bioenergy digestates: The impact of plant size and location on profitability of biogas plants in GermanyDelzeit, Ruth; Kellner, Ulla
2010Carbon leakage: Grandfathering as an incentive device to avert relocationSchmidt, Robert Christian
2015Zum Stromkonsum von Haushalten in Grundsicherung: Eine empirische Analyse für DeutschlandAigeltinger, Gerd; Heindl, Peter; Liessem, Verena; Römer, Daniel; Schwengers, Clarita; Vogt, Claire