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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010Reinforcing the EU dialogue with developing countries on climate change mitigationVöhringer, Frank; Haurie, Alain; Guan, Dabo; Labriet, Maryse; Loulou, Richard; Bosetti, Valentina; Shukla, Pryadarshi R.; Thalmann, Philippe
2013Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Modeling with Marginal Abatement Cost Curves: Technical Change, Emission Scenarios and Policy CostsCarrara, Samuel; Marangoni, Giacomo
2012Advanced biofuels: Future perspectives from an expert elicitation surveyFiorese, Giulia; Catenacci, Michela; Verdolini, Elena; Bosetti, Valentina
2012The future prospect of PV and CSP solar technologies: An expert elicitation surveyBosetti, Valentina; Catenacci, Michela; Fiorese, Giulia; Verdolini, Elena
2014Are Regional Systems Greening the Economy? the Role of Environmental Innovations and Agglomeration ForcesAntonioli, Davide; Borghesi, Simone; Mazzanti, Massimiliano
2014From Expert Elicitations to Integrated Assessment: Future Prospects of Carbon Capture TechnologiesRicci, Elena Claire; Bosetti, Valentina; Baker, Erin; Jenni, Karen E.
2013A study on industrial green transformation in ChinaPing, Li; Danhui, Yang; Pengfei, Li; Zhenyu, Ye; Zhou, Deng
2013The power of biomass: Experts disclose the potential for success of bioenergy technologiesFiorese, Giulia; Catenacci, Michela; Bosetti, Valentina; Verdolini, Elena
2007The clean development mechanism and the international diffusion of technologies: An empirical studyDechezleprêtre, Antoine; Glachant, Matthieu; Ménière, Yann
2009Invention and transfer of climate change mitigation technologies on a global scale: A study drawing on patent dataDechezleprêtre, Antoine; Glachant, Matthieu; Johnstone, Nick; Ménière, Yann