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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Betrieb und Wartung von Anlagen zur Nutzung von erneuerbaren Energien: Kosten und Struktur in der LiteraturThobe, Ines; Lehr, Ulrike; Edler, Dietmar
2010Hohe Unsicherheiten bei der CO2-Abscheidung: eine Energiebrücke ins Nichts?Herold, Johannes; von Hirschhausen, Christian
2013South African food security and climate change: Agriculture futuresDube, Sikhalazo; Scholes, Robert J.; Nelson, Gerald C.; Mason-D'Croz, Daniel; Palazzo, Amanda
2013Modelling R&D and Innovation Support Systems – Analysis of Regional Cluster Structures in Innovation in Portugalde Noronha Vaz, Teresa; Galindo, Purificación Vicente; Nijkamp, Peter
2011Unmasking the Porter hypothesis: Environmental innovations and firm-profitabilityRexhäuser, Sascha; Rammer, Christian
2012The future prospect of PV and CSP solar technologies: An expert elicitation surveyBosetti, Valentina; Catenacci, Michela; Fiorese, Giulia; Verdolini, Elena
2012Advanced biofuels: Future perspectives from an expert elicitation surveyFiorese, Giulia; Catenacci, Michela; Verdolini, Elena; Bosetti, Valentina
2014From Expert Elicitations to Integrated Assessment: Future Prospects of Carbon Capture TechnologiesRicci, Elena Claire; Bosetti, Valentina; Baker, Erin; Jenni, Karen E.
2014Robust Policies against Emission Leakage: The Case for Upstream SubsidiesFischer, Carolyn; Greaker, Mads; Rosendahl, Knut Einar
2012The linkage between income distribution and clean energy investments: Addressing financing costAmeli, Nadia; Kammen, Daniel M.