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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015International environmental agreements with asymmetric countries: Climate clubs vs. global cooperationHagen, Achim; Eisenack, Klaus
2014Impacts of Climate Change on Dengue Risk in BrazilPereda, Paula Carvalho; Menezes, Tatiane; Alves, Denisard C. O
2014Does Firm Heterogeneity Impact the Effectiveness of Carbon Taxes? Experiments in Argentina and MexicoChisari, Omar O.; Miller, Sebastián
2011Climate change, natural disasters and migration: An empirical analysis in developing countriesDrabo, Alassane; Mbaye, Linguère Mously
2014Ambient Temperature During Gestation and Cold-Related Adult Mortality in a Swedish Cohort, 1915 to 2002Bruckner, Tim A.; van den Berg, Gerard J.; Smith, Kirk R.; Catalano, Ralph A.
2009Sharing the burden of adaptation financing: An assessment of the contributions of countriesDellink, Rob B.; Elzen, Michel den; Aiking, Harry; Bergsma, Emmy
2009Natural Hazards Insurance in Europe ? Tailored Responses to Climate Change NeededSchwarze, Reimund; Wagner, Gert G.
2016The WITCH 2016 Model - Documentation and Implementation of the Shared Socioeconomic PathwaysEmmerling, Johannes; Drouet, Laurent; Reis, Lara Aleluia; Bevione, Michela; Berger, Loic; Bosetti, Valentina; Carrara, Samuel; De Cian, Enrica; D'Aertrycke, Gauthier De Maere; Longden, Tom; Malpede, Maurizio; Marangoni, Giacomo; Sferra, Fabio; Tavoni, Massimo; Witajewski-Baltvilks, Jan; Havlik, Petr
2017Searching for grouped patterns of heterogeneity in the climate-migration linkMartinez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada
2016Climate change, dengue and the economy ascertaining the link between dengue and climatic conditionsArcenas, Agustin L.