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2011 The impact of informational costs in quantity regulation of pollutants. The case of the European Emissions Trading SchemeHeindl, Peter
2012 Transaction costs and tradable permits: Empirical evidence from the EU emissions trading schemeHeindl, Peter
2012 Environmental innovation and employment dynamics in different technology fields: An analysis based on the German community innovation survey 2009Horbach, Jens / Rennings, Klaus
2013 Erhöhung der EEG-Kosten als Investitionshemmnis für stromintensive UnternehmenBardt, Hubertus
2014 Venture Capital: Ein neuer Anlauf zur Erleichterung von WagniskapitalfinanzierungenRöhl, Klaus-Heiner
2013 Investments in quality, collective reputation and information acquisitionFontini, Fulvio / Millock, Katrin / Moretto, Michele
2010 Pollution abatement and control expenditure in Romania: A multilevel analysisCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Rault, Christophe / Sova, Robert / Sova, Anamaria
2011 Three new empirical tests of the pollution haven hypothesis when environmental regulation is endogenousMillimet, Daniel L. / Roy, Jayjit
2011 Carbon tax scenarios and their effects on the Irish energy sectorDi Cosmo, Valeria / Hyland, Marie
1990 Government Failure: The Case of Global Environmental MismanagementAndersson, Thomas

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