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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Adaptive policy mechanisms for transboundary air pollution regulation: Reasons and recommendationsKelly, J. Andrew; Vollebergh, Herman R. J.
2011The Willingness to Pay for Environmental Protection: Are Developing Economies Different?Dorsch, Michael
2010A fair share: Burden-sharing preferences in the United States and ChinaCarlsson, Fredrik; Kataria, Mitesh; Krupnick, Alan; Lampi, Elina; Löfgren, Åsa; Qin, Ping; Sterner, Thomas; Chung, Susie
2012The SO2 allowance trading system and the clean air act amendments of 1990: Reflections on twenty years of policy innovationChan, Gabriel; Stavins, Robert; Stowe, Robert; Sweeney, Richard
2010Getting cars off the road: the cost-effectiveness of an episodic pollution control programCropper, Maureen L.; Jiang, Yi; Alberini, Anna; Baur, Patrick
2013A Simple Formula for the Social Cost of Carbonvan den Bijgaart, Inge; Gerlagh, Reyer; Korsten, Luuk; Liski, Matti
2013Estimating the marginal abatement costs of carbon dioxide emissions in China: A parametric analysisDu, Limin; Hanley, Aoife; Wei, Chu
2015Estimating the marginal abatement cost curve of CO2 emissions in China: Provincial panel data analysisDu, Limin; Hanley, Aoife; Wei, Chu
2013Including maritime transport in the EU's climate change policy: Country-based allocation and effectsHeitmann, Nadine
2012The potential contribution of the shipping sector to an efficient reduction of global carbon dioxide emissionsHeitmann, Nadine; Peterson, Sonja