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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014European Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization Strategies Beyond 2030 – A Sectoral Multi-model DecompositionFörster, Hannah; Schumacher, Katja; De Cian, Enrica; Hübler, Michael; Keppo, Ilkka; Mima, Silvana; Sands, Ronald D.
2010A modelling approach for allocating land-use in space to maximise social welfare - exemplified on the problem of wind power generationDrechsler, Martin; Ohl, Cornelia; Meyerhoff, Jürgen; Eichhorn, Marcus; Monsees, Jan
2014The Effect of African Growth on Future Global Energy, Emissions, and Regional DevelopmentCalvin, Katherine; Pachauri, Shonali; De Cian, Enrica; Mouratiadou, Ioanna
2006Effects of Great Barrier Reef Degradation on Recreational Demand: A Contingent Behaviour ApproachRoebeling, Peter C.; Kragt, M.E.; Ruijs, A.
2014Global Energy Security under Different Climate Policies, GDP Growth Rates and Fossil Resource AvailabilitiesCherp, Aleh; Jewell, Jessica; Vinichenko, Vadim; Bauer, Nico; Cian, Enrica De
2012A Ricardian analysis of the impact of climate change on European agricultureVan Passel, Steven; Massetti, Emanuele; Mendelsohn, Robert
2005Identification of Options and Policy Instruments for the Internalisation of External Costs of Electricity Generation. Dissemination of External Costs of Electricity Supply Making Electricity External Costs Known to Policy-Makers MAXIMAMarkandya, Anil; Longo, Alberto
2013A Simple Formula for the Social Cost of Carbonvan den Bijgaart, Inge; Gerlagh, Reyer; Korsten, Luuk; Liski, Matti
2008Tropical cyclone losses in the USA and the impact of climate change: a trend analysis based on a new datasetSchmidt, Silvio; Kemfert, Claudia; Höppe, Peter
2010Verkehrslärm: Beeinträchtigungen und MinderungsstrategienJäcker-Cüppers, Michael