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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005Combining Actual and Contingent Behavior to Estimate the Value of Sports Fishing in the Lagoon of VeniceAlberini, Anna; Zanatta, Valentina; Rosato, Paolo
2006Using Discrete Choice Experiments to Derive Individual-Specific WTP Estimates for Landscape Improvements under Agri-Environmental Schemes: Evidence from the Rural Environment Protection Scheme in IrelandCampbell, Danny; Hutchinson, W. George; Scarpa, Riccardo
2005Urban Environmental Health and Sensitive Populations: How Much are the Italians Willing to Pay to Reduce Their Risks?Alberini, Anna; Chiabai, Aline
2004Willingness to Pay for Mortality Risk Reductions: Does Latency Matter?Alberini, Anna; Cropper, Maureen; Krupnick, Alan; Simon, Nathalie B.
2014Economic Valuation of the Damage to Tourism Benefits by Eastern Japan Great Earthquake DisasterNohara, Katsuhito
2008What drives land-use change in the United States? A national analysis of landowner decisionsStavins, Robert N.; Lubowski, Ruben N.; Plantinga, Andrew J.
2007Gesamtwirtschaftliche Effekte niedrigerer Strompreise in DeutschlandLutz, Christian; Meyer, Bernd
2011Ex oleo bellare? The impact of oil on the outbreak of militarized interstate disputesStrüver, Georg; Wegenast, Tim
2010Pricing natural gas in Mexico: An application of the Little Mirrlees rule. The case of quasi-rentsBrito, Dagobert L.; Rosellón, Juan
2010Incomplete preferences in choice experiments: A note on avoidable noise and bias in welfare estimatesKataria, Mitesh; Shogren, Jason F.