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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005Detecting Starting Point Bias in Dichotomous-Choice Contingent Valuation SurveysVeronesi, Marcella; Alberini, Anna; Cooper, Joseph C.
2012A Room with a View — A Valuation of the Mediterranean Sea ViewFleischer, Aliza
2015Impacto do desmatamento sobre a incidência de doenças na AmazôniaSaccaro, Nilo Luiz; Mation, Lucas Ferreira; Sakowski, Patrícia Alessandra Morita
2014Economic Valuation of the Damage to Tourism Benefits by Eastern Japan Great Earthquake DisasterNohara, Katsuhito
2014The economic impact of climate change on road infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa countries: Evidence from GhanaTwerefou, Daniel Kwabena; Adjei-Mantey, Kwame; Strzepek, Niko Lazar
2010An economic assessment of the impacts of the MOSE barriers on Venice port activitiesVergano, Lucia; Umgiesser, Georg; Nunes, Paulo A. L. D.
2009The effects of a refinery on property values: The case of SwedenWinstrand, Jakob
2015Flujos físicos y monetarios relacionados a los recursos hídricos en las ciudades de La Paz y El Altodel Granado, Susana; Andersen, Lykke Eg
2006Using Discrete Choice Experiments to Derive Individual-Specific WTP Estimates for Landscape Improvements under Agri-Environmental Schemes: Evidence from the Rural Environment Protection Scheme in IrelandCampbell, Danny; Hutchinson, W. George; Scarpa, Riccardo
2005Combining Actual and Contingent Behavior to Estimate the Value of Sports Fishing in the Lagoon of VeniceAlberini, Anna; Zanatta, Valentina; Rosato, Paolo