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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009Towards a better understanding of disparities in scenarios of decarbonization: Sectorally explicit results from the RECIPE ProjectLuderer, Gunnar; Bosetti, Valentina; Jakob, Michael; Steckel, Jan; Waisman, Henri; Edenhofer, Ottmar
2013A construção de grandes barragens no Brasil, na China e na Índia: Similitudes e peculiaridades dos processos de licenciamento ambiental em países emergentesFerraz da Fonseca, Igor
2013Energia fotovoltaica ligada à rede eléctrica: Atratividade para o consumidor final e possíveis impactos no sistema elétricoCabello, Andrea Felippe; Pompermayer, Fabiano Mezadre
2009Advertising to boost energy efficiency: The power of one campaign and natural gas consumptionDiffney, Seán; Lyons, Seán; Valeri, Laura Malaguzzi
2013Now or Later? Trading Wind Power Closer to Real-time and How Poorly Designed Subsidies Lead to Higher Balancing CostsMauritzen, Johannes
2014China's CO2 emissions from power generating stations: A first explorationDu, Limin; Hanley, Aoife; Rehdanz, Katrin
2013East Africa: The next game-changer for the global gas markets?Hafner, Manfred; Tagliapietra, Simone
2011Evaluating the impacts of the EU-ETS on prices, investments and profits of the Italian electricity marketPonenti, Francesca; Oggioni, Giorgia; Allevi, Elisabetta; Marangoni, Giacomo
2015Individual choice in a residential building and heating model: An application case for GermanyBauermann, Klaas; Weber, Christoph
2014Tradable Renewable Quota vs. Feed-In Tariff vs. Feed-In Premium under UncertaintyMarschinski, Robert; Quirion, Philippe