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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Energy Use and Economic Growth in Africa: A Panel Granger-Causality InvestigationArouri, Mohamed El Hedi; Youssef, Adel Ben; M'Henni, Hatem; Rault, Christophe
2014The Environmental Kuznets Curve and Sustainability: A Panel Data AnalysisFarhani, Sahbi; Mrizak, Sana; Chaibi, Anissa; Rault, Christophe
2012Energy consumption, economic growth and CO2 emissions in Middle East and North African CountriesArouri, Mohamed El Hedi; Youssef, Adel Ben; M'Henni, Hatem; Rault, Christophe
2011Super-grids and concentrated solar power: A scenario analysis with the WITCH modelMassetti, Emanuele; Ricci, Elena Claire
2014Improved energy efficiency: Vital for energy transition and stimulus for economic growthBlazejczak, Jürgen; Edler, Dietmar; Schill, Wolf-Peter
2014Steigerung der Energieeffizienz: Ein Muss für die Energiewende, ein Wachstumsimpuls für die WirtschaftBlazejczak, Jürgen; Edler, Dietmar; Schill, Wolf-Peter
2016Exploring the Potential for Energy Efficiency in TurkeyTagliapietra, Simone
2002The Economic and Environmental Implications of the US Repudiation of the Kyoto Protocol and the Subsequent Deals in Bonn and MarrakechZhang, ZhongXiang; Löschel, Andreas
2002The economic and environmental implications of the US repudiation of the Kyoto protocol and the subsequent deals in Bonn and MarrakechLöschel, Andreas; Zhang, Zhong Xiang
2010A comparative study of selected Asian countries on carbon emissions with respect to different trade and climate changes mitigation policy scenariosTruong, Truong Phuoc