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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Economics of land degradation Initiative: Methods and approach for global and national assessmentsNkonya, Ephraim; von Braun, Joachim; Mirzabaev, Alisher; Bao Le, Quang; Young Kwon, Ho; Kirui, Oliver
2014How Effective Are Energy-Efficiency Incentive Programs? Evidence from Italian HomeownersAlberini, Anna; Bigano, Andrea
2011Combining climate and energy policies: Synergies or antagonism? Modeling interactions with energy efficiency instrumentsLecuyer, Oskar; Bibas, Ruben
2012Can uncertainty justify overlapping policy instruments to mitigate emissions?Lecuyer, Oskar; Quirion, Philippe
2015Modeling UK Natural Gas Prices when Gas Prices Periodically Decouple from the Oil PriceAsche, Frank; Oglend, Atle; Osmundsen, Petter
2014Unilateral climate policy, the Green Paradox, Coalition Size and StabilityKollenbach, Gilbert
2008Absolute abundance and relative scarcity: Announced policy, resource extraction, and carbon emissionsDi Maria, Corrado; Smulders, Sjak; van der Werf, Edwin
2013Potential For Agricultural Biomass Production for Energy Purposes in Poland: a ReviewBaum, Rafał; Wajszczuk, Karol; Pepliński, Benedykt; Wawrzynowicz, Jacek
2010China's foreign oil policy: genesis, deployment and selected effectsChristie, Edward Hunter; Francois, Joseph; Urban, Waltraut; Wirl, Franz
2012Implications of an increase in domestic prices of gas in Russia, an application of the regional economic model SUSTRUSHeyndrickx, Christophe; Alexeeva-Talebi, Victoria; Tourdyeva, Natalia