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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998Privatwirtschaftliche Koordinierungsstrukturen in vertikal strukturierten Industrien: Eine Analyse der Stromwirtschaft auf Grundlage der neuen InstitutionenökonomikKumkar, Lars
1998Regulierung vertikal strukturierter Industrien: Eine Analyse der Stromwirtschaftschaft auf Grundlage der neuen InstitutionenökonomikKumkar, Lars
2011Residential consumption of gas and electricity in the US: The role of prices and incomeAlberini, Anna; Gans, Will; Velez-Lopez, Daniel
2013Defensive Investments and the Demand for Air Quality: Evidence from the NOx Budget Program and Ozone ReductionsDeschenes, Olivier; Greenstone, Michael; Shapiro, Joseph S.
2006Free trade agreement between People's Republic of China and India: Likely impact and its implications to Asian economic communityBhattacharya, Swapan K.; Bhattacharyay, Biswa N.
2006Understanding the latest wave and future shape of regional trade and cooperation agreements in AsiaBhattacharyay, Biswanath
2005Promotion of trade and Investments between China and India : the case of Southwest China and East and Northeast IndiaBhattacharyay, Biswanath; De, Prabir
2011Oil and the macroeconomy in a changing world: A conference summaryFoote, Christopher L.; Little, Jane S.
1999C & C - contraction and convergence of carbon emissions: the economic implications of permit tradingBöhringer, Christoph; Welsch, Heinz
1999Cooling down hot air: a global CGE analysis of post-Kyoto carbon abatement strategiesBöhringer, Christoph