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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004On the Integration of Carbon Capture and Storage into the International Climate RegimeBode, Sven; Jung, Martina
2013Supply side climate policy and the green paradoxHoel, Michael
2010Prices vs. quantities and the intertemporal dynamics of the climate rentKalkuhl, Matthias; Edenhofer, Ottmar
2010Waste generation and landfill diversion dynamics: decentralised management and spatial effectsMazzanti, Massimiliano; Montini, Anna; Nicolli, Francesco
2010Are You SURE You want to waste policy chances? Waste generation, landfill diversion and environmental policy effectiveness in the EU15Iafolla, Valentina; Mazzanti, Massimiliano; Nicolli, Francesco
2006Municipal Waste Production, Economic Drivers, and ‘New’ Waste Policies: EKC Evidence from Italian Regional and Provincial Panel DataMazzanti, Massimiliano; Montini, Anna; Zoboli, Roberto
2008Waste generation, incineration and landfill diversion: De-coupling trends, socio-economic drivers and policy effectiveness in the EUMazzanti, Massimiliano; Zoboli, Roberto
2011Impact of rural employment guarantee schemes on seasonal labor markets: Optimum compensation and workers' welfareBasu, Arnab K.
2011How policy changes affect shareholder wealth: The case of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasterBetzer, André; Doumet, Markus; Rinne, Ulf
2012A remuneração dos investimentos em energia renovável no Brasil: Uma proposta metodológica ao benchmark da UNFCCC para o BrasilRocha, Katia; Gutierrez, Maria Bernadete G. P. Sarmiento; Hauser, Philipp