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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Disentangling demand and supply shocks in the crude oil market: How to check sign restrictions in structural VARsLütkepohl, Helmut; Netsunajev, Aleksei
2012Characterizing the sustainability problem in an exhaustible resource modelMitra, Tapan; Asheim, Geir B.; Buchholz, Wolfgang; Withagen, Cees A.
2014Oil Price Uncertainty and Sectoral Stock Returns in China: A Time-Varying ApproachCaporale, Guglielmo Maria; Ali, Faek Menla; Spagnolo, Nicola
2015Good enough! Are socially responsible companies the more successful environmental innovators?Reif, Christiane; Rexhäuser, Sascha
2004Natural Resources Dynamics: Another LookDi Vita, Giuseppe
2016A Systemic Approach to the Development of a Policy Mix for Material Resource EfficiencyEkvall, Tomas; Hirschnitz-Garbers, Martin; Eboli, Fabio; Sniegocki, Aleksander
2009An Analysis of the Dependence of the Spanish Fisheries Industry on the Financial Instrument for Fisheries GuidanceHernandez-Mora, José Antonio Vidal; Renart, Marcos Antón; Del Rocío Moreno Enguix, María
1998A framework for environmental policy evaluation in the South African mining sectorThiele, Rainer
2008Aspekte des Gewässerschutzes und der Gewässernutzung beim Anbau von Energiepflanzen: Ergebnisse eines Forschungsvorhabens im Auftrag des UmweltbundesamtesNitsch, Heike; Osterburg, Bernhard; von Buttlar, Christine; von Buttlar, Hans-Bernhard
2008Calculating costs of pig production with the InterPIG networkHaxsen, Gerhard