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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015On the optimal accumulation of renewable energy generating capacityKollenbach, Gilbert
2006Begrenzen Chinas Wasserressourcen seine wirtschaftliche Entwicklung?Joest, Frank; Niemes, Horst; Faber, Malte; Roth, Kurt
2016Green accounting, institutional quality and investment decisions: Macroeconomic implications from an analysis of the oil and mining sectorStöver, Jana
2009Sobre maldições e bênçaõs: É possível gerir recursos naturais de forma sustentável? Uma análise sobre os royalties e as compensações financeiras no BrasilCruz, Bruno de Oliveira; Ribeiro, Márcio Bruno
2014Energy Technology Expert Elicitations for Policy: Workshops, Modeling, and Meta-analysisAnadon, Laura Diaz; Bosetti, Valentina; Chan, Gabe; Nemet, Gregory; Verdolini, Elena
2007What determines the output drop after an energy price increase: Household or firm energy share?Dhawan, Rajeev; Jeske, Karsten
2006Patterns of rent-extraction and deployment in developing countries: Implications for governance, economic policy and performanceAuty, Richard M.
2013The resource curse exorcised: Evidence from a panel of countriesSmith, Brock
2004Subsidizing the Adoption of Energy-Saving Technologies: Analyzing the Impact of Uncertainty, Learning and Maturationde Groot, Henri L.F.; Mulder, Peter; van Soest, Daan P.
2005Constant savings rates and quasi-arithmetic population growth under exhaustible resource constraintsAsheim, Geir B.; Buchholz, Wolfgang; Hartwick, John M.; Mitra, Tapan; Withagen, Cees