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2000 The malleability of undiscounted utilitarianism as a criterion of intergenerational justiceAsheim, Geir B. / Buchholz, Wolfgang
2009 Sobre maldições e bênçaõs: É possível gerir recursos naturais de forma sustentável? Uma análise sobre os royalties e as compensações financeiras no BrasilCruz, Bruno de Oliveira / Ribeiro, Márcio Bruno
2006 Patterns of rent-extraction and deployment in developing countries: Implications for governance, economic policy and performanceAuty, Richard M.
1998 A framework for environmental policy evaluation in the South African mining sectorThiele, Rainer
2013 Energy Policy Options for Sustainable Development in BangladeshGunatilake, Herath / Roland-Holst, David
2012 Non-renewable but inexhaustible: Resources in an endogenous growth modelStürmer, Martin / Schwerhoff, Gregor
2012 Fueling growth when oil peaks: Directed technological change and the limits to efficiencyAndré, Francisco J. / Smulders, Sjak
2010 Unilateral climate policy, asymmetric backstop adoption, and carbon leakage in a two-region hotelling modelvan der Werf, Edwin
2012 The fossil episodeHassler, John / Sinn, Hans-Werner
2010 Aggressive oil extraction and precautionary saving: Coping with volatilityvan der Ploeg, Frederick

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