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DateTitle Authors
2010 The value of water in Bolivia: An economic resource or a human right?Castañón Ballivián, Enrique
2001 Renewable resources in an overlapping generations economy without capitalKoskela, Erkki / Ollikainen, Markku / Puhakka, Mikko
2000 Explaining environmental Kuznets curves: How pollution induces policy and new technologiesBretschger, Lucas / Smulders, Sjak
2005 Protecting Marine Biodiversity: A Comparison of Individual Habitat Quotas (IHQs) and Marine Protected AreasSchnier, Kurt / Holland, Dan
2003 The Dixit-Pindyck and the Arrow-Fisher-Hanemann-Henry option values are not equivalentMensink, Paul / Requate, Till
1996 Trade policy and environmental protectionSiebert, Horst
1995 Sustainability and international trade in resourcesKlepper, Gernot / Stähler, Frank
1993 On international compensations for environmental stocksStähler, Frank
1995 Economic and legal aspects of international environmental agreements: The case of enforcing and stabilising an international CO 2 agreementHeister, Johannes / Mohr, Ernst / Plesmann, Wolf / Stähler, Frank / Stoll, Peter-Tobias / Wolfram, Rüdiger
2013 Environmental innovations and profitability: How does it pay to be green? An empirical analysis on the German innovation surveyGhisetti, Claudia / Rennings, Klaus

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