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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004Population Dynamics in a Microfounded Predator-PreyModelChristiaans, Thomas
2002Spatial differentiation of compensation payments for biodiversity enhancing land-use measuresWätzold, Frank; Drechsler, Martin
2002Towards a better climate treatyBarrett, Scott
2004Reducing Acidification: The Benefits of Increased Nature Quality. Investigating the Possibilities of the Contingent Valuation MethodRuijgrok, E.C.M.
2010Performance payments: A new strategy to conserve large carnivores in the tropics?Zabel, Astrid; Engel, Stefanie
2002Towards an analytical strategic environmental assessment: The ANSEA NetworkJiliberto, Rodrigo; Alvarez-Arenas, Manuel; García, Mercedes; Cuevas, Cesar; McGillivray, Anna; Bina, Olivia; Tamborra, Marialuisa; Caratti, Pietro; Tarquini, Riccardo; Rosario Partidario, Maria; Vicente, Gustavo; Escribano, Rafael; González, Santiago; Garrote, Fernando; Ramos, Livia; Deelstra, Tjeerd; Kruijsen, Joanneke; Nilsson, Måns; Haq, Gary; Persson, Åsa; Dalkmann, Holger; Petersen, Rudolf; Bongardt, Daniel
1995Sustainability and international trade in resourcesKlepper, Gernot; Stähler, Frank
2010The value of water in Bolivia: An economic resource or a human right?Castañón Ballivián, Enrique
2002Farm animal biodiversity conservation activities in Europe under the framework of Agenda 2000Signorello, Giovanni; Pappalardo, Gioacchino
2002An integrated approach to understand territory dynamics: The Coastal Alentejo (Portugal)Lourenço, Nelson; Russo Machado, Carlos; do Rosário Jorge, Maria; Rodrigues, Luís