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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Simple Myths and Basic Maths about Greening IrrigationGómez, Carlos M.; Pérez-Blanco, C. Dionisio
2013Russia's food security and climate change: Looking into the futureKiselev, Sergey; Romashkin, Roman; Nelson, Gerald C.; Mason-D'Croz, Daniel; Palazzo, Amanda
2013Faktencheck Agrarreform: Integration von Klimaschutz und Klimaanpassung in die Gemeinsame Agrarpolitik der EU nach 2013Röder, Norbert; Osterburg, Bernhard; Kätsch, Stephanie
2006Entitlement failure from a food quality perspective: The life and death role of vitamins and minerals in humanitarian crisesWebb, Patrick; Thorne-Lyman, Andrew
2009Traffic lights and food choice: A choice experiment examining the relationship between nutritional food labels and priceBalcombe, Kelvin; Fraser, Iain; di Falco, Salvatore
2006National food policies impacting on food security: The experience of India, a large populated countryAcharya, S. S.
2015Programa Nacional de Crédito Fundiário (PNCF): Uma avaliação de seus impactos regionaisGalindo, Ernesto; Resende, Guilherme M.; de Castro, César; Cravo, Tulio Antônio
2014Avaliação dos impactos regionais do Programa Nacional de Agricultura Familiar (PRONAF)de Castro, César Nunes; Resende, Guilherme Mendes; Pires, Murilo José de Souza
2009A general treatment of non-response data from choice experiments using logit modelsBalcombe, Kelvin; Fraser, Iain
2012Smarte Regulierung in der Ernährungswirtschaft durch Name-and-ShameHirschauer, Norbert; Mußhoff, Oliver