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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Connection Between Technological Trajectory of the Coffee Sector and the Economic Growth of Brazilian Producing RegionsTurco, Patricia; Firetti, Ricardo; Bliska, Flavia; Pinatti, Eder; Bliska, Antonio; Tôsto, Sergio
2010Stoffstromanalyse des deutschen Biokraftstoffsektors für das Jahr 2007Strohm, Kathrin
2003On Biology and Technology: The Economics of Managing BiotechnologiesGoeschl, Timo; Swanson, Timothy
2014Background Paper: Research and Development and Extension Services in Agriculture and Food SecurityWesley, Annie; Faminow, Merle
2011Modeling the Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts of BiofuelsJanda, Karel; Krištoufek, Ladislav; Zilberman, David
2013Modelling R&D and Innovation Support Systems – Analysis of Regional Cluster Structures in Innovation in Portugalde Noronha Vaz, Teresa; Galindo, Purificación Vicente; Nijkamp, Peter
2014Mögliche Auswirkungen einer Ausweitung der Gentechnik-Kennzeichnungspflicht auf Lebensmittel tierischen UrsprungsPeter, Günter; Krug, Oliver; Bendiek, Joachim; Stolz, Andrea
1998The Effects of Agricultural Extension on Farm Yields in KenyaEvenson, Robert E.; Mwabu, Germano
2011Industry-science connections in agriculture: Do public science collaborations and knowledge flows contribute to firm-level agricultural research productivity?Toole, Andrew A.; King, John L.
2006Patterns of rent-extraction and deployment in developing countries: Implications for governance, economic policy and performanceAuty, Richard M.