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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Impact Of Technological Innovations For Coffee Production In Adverse Weather ConditionsBliska, Flavia; Turco, Patricia; Tosto, Sergio; Fronzaglia, Thomaz; Vegro, Celso
2011Determinants of agricultural land abandonment in post-soviet European RussiaPrishchepov, Alexander V.; Radeloff, Volker C.; Müller, Daniel; Dubinin, Maxim; Baumann, Matthias
2012Participation and Contract Choice in the Tenancy MarketAhmed, Sharmina; Findlay, Christopher
2012A sustentabilidade ambiental da agropecuária brasileira: Impactos, políticas públicas e desafiosSambuichi, Regina Helena Rosa; Constantino de Oliveira, Michel Ângelo; Moreira da Silva, Ana Paula; Luedemann, Gustavo
2009The role of forests as carbon sinks: Land-use and carbon accountingRosa, Renato; Costa Duarte, Clara; Cunha-e-Sá, Maria A.
2011Impactos do projeto de transposição do Rio São Francisco na agricultura irrigada no nordeste setentrionalNunes de Castro, César
2012The nexus land-use model, an approach articulating biophysical potentials and economic dynamics to model competition for land-usesSouty, F.; Brunelle, T.; Dumas, P.; Dorin, B.; Ciais, P.; Crassous, R.
2010Impact of the introduction of decoupled payments on functioning of the German land market: Country report of the EU tender Study on the functioning of land markets in those EU member states influenced by measures applied under the Common AgriculturaMöller, Lioudmila; Henter, Sibylle Henriette; Kellermann, Konrad; Röder, Norbert; Sahrbacher, Christoph; Zirnbauer, Martin
2010Fallstudie zur Entwicklung der Landwirtschaft in einem benachteiligten Gebiet ohne Ausgleichszulage am Beispiel zweier Landkreise im Westharz (Niedersachsen)Pitsch, Marion; Gasmi, Samy
2015The Conservation versus Production Trade-off: Does Livestock Intensification Increase Deforestation? The Case of the Brazilian AmazonVale, Petterson Molina