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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010Quantifizierung 'gesellschaftlich gewünschter, nicht marktgängiger Leistungen' der LandwirtschaftPlankl, Reiner; Weingarten, Peter; Nieberg, Hiltrud; Zimmer, Yelto; Isermeyer, Folkhard; Krug, Janina; Haxsen, Gerhard
2010Global Warming Induced Water-Cycle Changes and Industrial Production:– A Scenario Analysis for the Upper Danube River BasinJeßberger, Christoph; Sindram, Maximilian; Zimmer, Markus
2013Expectation Gaps and Halo-Effects in Organic Food Positioning: Characteristics of Organic Food from a Consumer’s Point of Viewvon Meyer-Höfer, Marie; Nitzko, Sina; Spiller, Achim
2006Network Analysis, Creative System Modelling and Decision Support: The NetSyMoD ApproachGiupponi, Carlo; Camera, R.; Fassio, A.; Lasut, A.; Mysiak, J.; Sgobbi, A.
2014Energy and Emissions Conflicts in Urban AreasConde, Touria Abdelkader B.; Barreiro-Pereira, Fernando
2012Implications of an increase in domestic prices of gas in Russia, an application of the regional economic model SUSTRUSHeyndrickx, Christophe; Alexeeva-Talebi, Victoria; Tourdyeva, Natalia
2010Insights from Bolivia's green national accountsJemio M., Luis Carlos; Andersen, Lykke E.
2008Organic crops or energy crops? Options for rural development in Cambodia and the Lao People's Democratic RepublicMarkandya, Anil; Setboonsarng, Sununtar
2016Small farmers' preferences for the design of certification schemes: Does gender matter?Meemken, Eva-Marie; Veettil, Prakashan Chellattan; Qaim, Matin
2015Urban Agenda and Urban Sustainability Strategies. Taking Stock of Policy Implementation and Policy DiscussionBarnebeck, Stephanie; Kalff, Yannick