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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011Urban heritage and methodologies of renewalPaoli, Rosa Grazia De
2005Sustainable economic development and the environment: Theory and evidenceBertinelli, Luisito; Strobl, Eric; Zou, Benteng
2007Ecological-economic viability as a criterion of strong sustainability under uncertaintyBaumgärtner, Stefan; Quaas, Martin F.
2010The challenges of global environmental change for urban AfricaSimon, David
2013Economics of land degradation Initiative: Methods and approach for global and national assessmentsNkonya, Ephraim; von Braun, Joachim; Mirzabaev, Alisher; Bao Le, Quang; Young Kwon, Ho; Kirui, Oliver
2006Participatory Approach in Decision Making Processes for Water Resources Management in the Mediterranean BasinGiupponi, Carlo; Mysiak, Jaroslav; Crimi, Jacopo
2010A participatory approach to assess the effectiveness of responses to cope with flood riskCeccato, Lucia; Giannini, Valentina; Giupponi, Carlo
2013Urban Watershed Services For Improved Ecosystem Management and Risk Reduction, Assessment Methods and Policy Instruments: State of the ArtDepietri, Yaella; Guadagno, Lorenzo; Breil, Margaretha
2010Quantifizierung 'gesellschaftlich gewünschter, nicht marktgängiger Leistungen' der LandwirtschaftPlankl, Reiner; Weingarten, Peter; Nieberg, Hiltrud; Zimmer, Yelto; Isermeyer, Folkhard; Krug, Janina; Haxsen, Gerhard
2010Global Warming Induced Water-Cycle Changes and Industrial Production:– A Scenario Analysis for the Upper Danube River BasinJeßberger, Christoph; Sindram, Maximilian; Zimmer, Markus